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What is FlipCard

A digital business/contact card.  By tapping your card to the back of a phone (or scanning the QR), a link pops up to the contact you’ve created so they can easily save it to their phone.  FlipCard contacts are easy to setup/edit and contain things like: name, number, email, social media links, websites, etc.  Share only what you want.

Have to user card to share?

No.  The card is convenient because of the NFC technology, but you can also use the QR code
found on your profile, or simply share the URL to your profile however you’d like.

Is it free to share?

Yes.  Once you have the card you can create/edit your profile and share contact information unlimited times for free.  We will offer inexpensive paid plans in the future for larger internal dynamic contact storage and
business accounts, but it won’t be required.

Will my information be sold?

Never.  FlipCard’s business model is based on trust and the future paid plans being our sole source of recurring revenue.  We will never share or sell your information on our end.  What you share with others is completely controlled by you.