• Networking made easy

    FlipCard is both a physical card you can carry to easily share contact information with a tap AND a custom contact profile you can share with a QR or link

  • One FlipCard, Many Profiles

    You can connect a single FlipCard to multiple FlipCard profiles and share personal contact with friends and business contacts with work associates

  • No App Required

    FlipCard works without an app so you can setup and use with both iPhone and Andriod without any app downloads

Step 1: Activate

Activate your FlipCard

Once you receive your FlipCard, simply tap to your phone and follow the steps to activate and create your own custom profile

Step 2: Setup

Setup Profile

In minutes you'll have setup a custom profile with your contact information, social media and important websites to begin sharing

Step 3: share

Share your contact

Now with just a tap or scan of your QR code, you can easily share your contact details unlimited times with friends or business associates